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Operations were put on hold for three days from November 10 – 12, 2012 as workers at Accuworx Inc. engaged in high level vacuum and high pressure wash training at their facility in Brampton, Ontario. With a stern focus on safe operating procedures, Accuworx workers had their first opportunity to test out the functionality of the newly designed and exclusive Accuworx Inc. training simulator. The simulator was designed in house and took into consideration the years of gained knowledge and experiences of Accuworx field workers, to resemble field conditions to the greatest extent possible. The simulator added a practical element to the advanced vacuum and high pressure wash theory aspect of the training and allowed the workers to directly apply the innovative vacuum and high pressure wash technologies which were the subject of the theoretical portion of the training.

In a field where personal protective equipment is often the best and only choice to protect workers from harm, workers were provided the opportunity to use technologically advanced engineering controls and administrative procedures that are specifically designed to eliminate operational hazards. In three days workers were provided with a wealth of knowledge that will benefit them indefinitely during workplace activities.

About Accuworx

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