Last Friday evening, September 19, 2014, Accuworx staff, vendors and clients came together to celebrate a milestone. A milestone of being in business 25 years and a time to recognize, celebrate and reflect. Taking an evening to do this and look back over 25 years was remarkable. As some of you have probably heard, this business was started by the owner 25 years ago out of the back of a Chevy van with a mobile pressure washer – how things have changed from determination and success!! We viewed some photographs that brought back many memories. Memories of early on when the business was born, to when it purchased its first vacuum truck, and to today with the largest fleet of its kind on Ontario. It was a journey of many choices, ones that have strategically placed Accuworx as a leader in the industry and ones that will continue to make us a successful and highly sought after leader. Accuworx Owner and President Jason Rosset gave a short speech thanking everyone for attending. Adding a personal note, he thanked everyone for being part of his team and that he was honored to work with such diverse crowd of people. As we reflected, we also looked forward. We look forward to continually growing Accuworx to the absolute highest level. We continue to invest in new equipment, training , and staff. We will be moving into a state of the art facility by mid-November where our fleet can be stored and serviced indoors. We look forward to the next 25 years of being in business!!

About Accuworx

Taking On The Toughest Jobs is what we’re all about. We apply innovative methods to tackle the most challenging situations and emerging environmental concerns, to provide our clients with solutions that bring peace of mind. By using the most advanced technologies available and employing the best people in the industry, we continually perform above and beyond government regulations and client expectations.