The Accuworx spill response team was activated for a mystery spill. The unknown substance coated 1.3 km of a creek through a large city. The pH of the creek approached 10.5 and a substantial fish kill ensued. The crew quickly deployed silt control measures and began setup of their unique sediment control pump and treat system. The crew activities included power washing of the spillway, moling of 1|2 km of storm water lines and air lancing of the creek bottom. The treatment system was fed by our 6400 cfm vac truck that pressured off into a settling tank. The treatment system ran at 150 gpm and removed sediment down to 0.5 micron before returning the water to the creek. This process saved the client a considerable amount of transport and disposal cost. Stakeholders on site included MOE and Regional representatives.
All fish were removed, the creek re balanced and the park returned to its original state.

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