For far too many people, many see their job as just that… a job. I can confidently say that for all of us at Accuworx, we would beg to differ (at least I’m hopefully optimistic our jobs as more than just a job!). Working in the environmental services sector is really cool; our team gets the opportunity to be engaged in ways that can make a difference in the world, and we face fresh challenges every day- which helps to keep things interesting and engaging every day.  Whether in the field or the office, there’s never a dull moment at Accuworx.  Personally, it gives me a source of creative energy every day knowing that at our company, there are problems to solve each and every day. Problem solving at our company could involve anything from requiring the design of an underflow dam to capture a hazmat spill, creating a recipe to treat dredge materials for beneficial on-site reuse, or developing a method to remove hydrocarbon contaminants from soil using vacuum recovery but without disturbing the soil.  For all problem solving challenges, it takes the right kind of team, otherwise, we’d fall flat and cease to exist as an industry leader.

Success is always a moving target.  Anticipate what’s around the corner, change, adapt, or cease to exist.  Operations at service companies are being disrupted by technological advances and increasingly, project opportunities are becoming larger, riskier and more complex.  So what does that mean for Accuworx? It means we must all sign up to the fact that our company must evolve technologically with the right next-gen systems before we miss the boat.  And it means we have to embrace the fact that as a team, we need to continue learning better ways of delivering our services, sharing the same vision, and capitalize on the larger projects and work opportunities of the future.  Many business leaders like to chronicle fancy writings about what a winning corporate culture should look like. I sometimes get a kick out of reading some of these lofty ideas… In my almost 30 years in the industry, starting as a brush & bucket outdoor sign cleaner, truck driver and now, a company President, I can boil down the most important culture concept to two words: Hard Work!  Undoubtedly, hard work is the principle that has the most staying power, makes the biggest impact, and best defines the enduring company culture at Accuworx.  Sure, many other business leaders will use words like innovation, entrepreneurism, teamwork, integrity, accountability, excellence and sustainability. These are all basic human ingredients you’d want to see in many general areas of life, regardless of the situation, personal or business. But, guess what, nothing is possible in life without hard work.  Progress is not possible by waiting for luck to arrive, or hoping that others will solve your problems for you. Hard work is what helped our distant ancestors evolve from a darker, colder time. OK, it also it’s also important to embrace a few other core values to ensure success, like enthusiasm, ingenuity, fairness, compassion, and a healthy dose of scepticism, so we never forget to keep asking questions.  Here’s a question we need to continue asking ourselves: what will it take to build the successful company of the future?  I’m pretty sure that at Accuworx, we’re sure what the answer is…


About Accuworx

Taking On The Toughest Jobs is what we’re all about. We apply innovative methods to tackle the most challenging situations and emerging environmental concerns, to provide our clients with solutions that bring peace of mind. By using the most advanced technologies available and employing the best people in the industry, we continually perform above and beyond government regulations and client expectations.