Accuworx has a major capital expenditure program in place for new equipment in 2016, including new equipment and NextGen technologies to propel our growth, but by far, our most significant investment will be in our people.  And that is because training will be the determining factor of our future success.  Skills development and workplace learning will help ensure Accuworx’s continued innovation and prevent us from falling behind to the various labor forces that are affecting the service industry.

The combination of demographic pressures and the need for increased specialization makes for a challenging environment when building the workforce for our future.  Experienced workers don’t exist in today’s pool of available labor, so we have to create our own.

In 2015, Accuworx employees received on average 64 hours of training – while some received much more.  This has been steadily increasing in recent years.  Training regimens are constantly evolving at Accuworx as new equipment, new safety precautions and new processes are constantly introduced.  Newly hired team members begin orientation before they enter the field through our onboarding program; which typically lasts 2 weeks before any ‘on the tools’ exposure takes place.  From there, new hires receive ongoing support and training opportunities to strengthen both their technical and soft skills.

You could say that Accuworx is a ‘people investor’, and we think that the future of our firm will depend on how we much we invest and where we invest.  Our biggest investments will be made in employer-sponsored skills-development programs such as the training regimen mandated in our membership through CERCA, or our ongoing development program with COR.  Apart from conventional classroom settings, we use e-learning, peer-to-peer skills sharing, a virtual field simulator, outside industry experts and we regularly send employees for training throughout Canada and the US.

The preeminent goal of setting all of this as our investment priority is to provide Accuworx’s customers with the very best level of service possible in our industry and guarantee them that safety will be paramount in all of our operations.

 Jason Rosset


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