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From Humble Beginnings Come Great Things.

From Humble Beginnings Come Great Things.

Accuworx began in 1989, when entrepreneur Jason Rosset launched an outdoor sign-cleaning company, equipped with little more than a 1981 Chevy Van with a five-horsepower cold water pressure washer. His goal was to put himself through university. His business plan was straight forward to set the bar at the highest level possible, through relentless hard work and quality workmanship.

It was a simple formula, but a highly successful one.

Jason’s company and the services he provided began to evolve and grow immediately — and never stopped. He quickly added a hot water unit and steamer, and from commercial storefronts he soon expanded to underground parking garages, mobile truck and trailer fleets and high-rise building exteriors. In 1992, Accuworx became the first soda blasting contractor in Ontario.

Soon, even larger and more complex work became the norm, as the company innovated solutions for every challenge it faced.

For example, dealing with waste water produced by cleaning automotive plants and heavy manufacturing or petro-chemical facilities often required off-site treatment at a licenced disposal facility. So Accuworx constructed our own Hazardous Waste Processing facility, Sure Horizon Environmental.

Similarly, we responded to the needs of US-based clients by opening Accuworx USA, a permitted waste receiving facility equipped with a full range of response and remediation vehicles and specialized equipment. We have now grown in the North East and Gulf Coast to reach more people who need our expertise.

The 81 Chevy has long since retired, and Accuworx today operates a diverse fleet of equipment across the United States, ready for land and marine emergency response service and dangerous goods handling, 24/7.

But ultimately, it's not the equipment or the facilities that enables Accuworx to take on the toughest jobs and succeed; it's our passionate people. Now, as in the early days, our company remains an action-oriented, entrepreneurial environment.

As we set new goals, we continually seek new and better ways of performing old tasks. Our team exemplifies pride in a job well done, and exudes a passion and drive that ensure success in all that we do by sustaining a vibrant, entrepreneurial environment in which to excel, grow and serve.

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